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The Sirens

Intoxicatingly beautiful, the Sirens melody is enchanting and inescapable. Legend spins tales of the ill fated sailors who are drawn to the rocky shores by the sound of their song and fall prey to the Siren.


Inspired by mythology's original Temptresses, the Siren Design Studios bring the same captivating beauty to you.  Our work is unlike anything you have ever seen or ever will because, we don't just strive for being unique, we strive for intoxicating beauty in every piece we create. This desire to bring a unique piece of art to you is the cornerstone of what we do.


Ultimately, our customers, are the most important part of our business and everything we do is for you. If you have uncompromising tastes and a flair for the extraordinary, we are here to serve you.

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Siren Design Studios

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